About us

Candlesticktrade.com is a Forex community dedicated to provide our members with Forex insight trading analysis. It’s our home for an amazing team that polishes the overall view in its compressed form that our visitors enjoy. The teamwork is the priority and we all operate under the brand name that keeps us united since it started a year ago.

Behind the scene is the team dedicated to provide the best experience to our readers from the analysis to the latest news and development.

Our Technical Analysis Members, provides a diverse view for the market from the best team to work with. The vast technical orientation for the team in our live chat always gives us a new angle to look at the market from the classical school all the way to modern analysis the team has it all, with over fifteen years of collective experience in the domain, where their motto is to detail, through and timely detection to developing patterns to not miss a market beat.

All the faces behind CST are the key to it all, there is no little or big role for the team we are all working together for the best of our project. Our team that hold over of collective experience and growing wiser with each other to continue to deliver all events up to the minute to their readers…

Thanks to David and Seth for such an amazing website where members can enjoy discussing Forex while having fun doing it at the same time.