M3 Math EA

Candlesticktrade.com, in collaboration with Forex Tripod, can offer the Expert Advisor (EA) M3 Math V7.0, at a favorable price. For more detailed info about EA please contact David or Edwin.


We offer our clients the opportunity to have professional supervision over their account, 24/5 through TeamViewer (75% of our clients prefer this). Also free of charge!24/5 supervision allows us to change settings of the Robot if necessary. This most of the times means changing the lot size, after gaining a certain profit. Regardless of choosing these extra free services, we do want to contact you at least once per month by phone to verify if everything is going according to your wishes.

Unique integrated loss prevention feature!

No Stop loss, but automatic hedging! There are no Expert Advisors available, equipped with this feature. After having extensively tested over 7500 different commercial Expert Advisors (and verified useless), we can confirm that our FXTripod is the only available EA on the market with built-in Automatic Hedging, loss-prevention.

A hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses/gains that may be incurred by a companion investment. In our case: for all opened currency trade positions, inversed trade positions are taken as a counterweight. The robot closes these inversed trade positions automatically when the profit is secured. With this built-in hedge system weguarantee minimal losing trades, unlike most of the commercial Expert Advisors we tested which ended up gambling 50/50 with closing losing trade positions!

‘Losing’ trades?

These losing trades will not harm your winning trades. They originate from winning trades of low value which are closed and after which ‘swap’ cost apply from the broker. These swap cost will turn these trades into losses of a few cents tops. In terms of percentage this happens slightly more often to smaller accounts, with lot size 0.01 to 0.05. However the maximum amount of losing trades remains at 3%.


For more info contact:

David: david.moller@candlesticktrade.com